About Us

There’s no doubt about it: Everything changes when you have a child: Your daily routine, your idea of free time, your schedule. What it comes down to is that your entire life changes when you have a child. And that applies to moms who are having their second, third, or fourth! It never gets to be less of a challenge.

But ask any mom the most noticeable change post-pregnancy and they’ll tell you: baby weight! Yes, no matter what your shape pre-pregnancy, fighting off baby weight is a challenge we all have to contend with and just start to feel like yourself again. 

However, now things are different! If you’re a mom, you have a new resource available for you: Born to Burpee: A Mom Fitness Program ( formally Stroller Sessions)! What is Born to Burpee? We are the premier Havertown Mom’s Fitness Programs. We’re the fitness for moms, by a moms.  Starting in April 2013, we now have 3 locations: Havertown, Newtown Square and Wayne. 

At every 45-minute workout, we offer interval training specifically designed for mothers. Our workouts will help you melt off that baby weight and get you back in shape in no time at all. Your friends and coworkers might not even realize you recently had a baby!

The best part of our Born to Burpee workouts are that all of our moms are encouraged to bring their little ones of all ages. Whether they need to stay in the stroller or want to come and join you on the mat, we’re a welcoming fitness session that embraces our children in a relaxed, friendly environment!

Sign up now for  Mom Fitness workout!

To sign up for Born to Burpee, simply email abbie@borntoburpee.com and let me know you’re ready to burn off that baby weight with us! But don’t forget to ask me about any special deals going on. Depending on the time of year, you can take advantage of unlimited Born to Burpee and  Yoga  workouts with us for a low monthly fee.

What do you get with a Born to Burpee package?

– 8 Stroller Sessions (two days a week)
– 4 Yoga workouts with Abbie a month

With this package you’ll be burning baby weight in no time at all!

Havertown Moms just got there ticket to weight loss!

We aren’t just a fitness group – we’re a community of Havertown moms that love fitness but more importantly love empowering one another. We’re convinced that after one session, you’ll look at fitness in a completely different light!

Get started with the best Havertown Mom Fitness class there is! Email abbie@borntoburpee.com or input your email address to learn about a FREE introductory Born to Burpee workout!

Starting in April we will have 3 outside locations for Spring.  Click Here to see if we are in your neighborhood.