This New Year: Focus On: Finding Balance, Restoration & Reflection

Many people take January 1st as the day to begin their New Year’s resolutions. For many people, creating a large (and often unrealistic goal) does not always work well come February. I often was one of those people. I would create big plans for myself, mainly deciding to start some sort of diet plan on January 1st, come mid-January, the diet plan would be out the door and I felt deflected. Over the past few years, I have taken a different approach to how I live my daily life. I try very hard to create a realistic balance that works for me and my family. I also try take more time for myself, yet I continue to struggle with this. I think as a mother and a wife, it is easy to put everyone else’s needs before your own, and when you find yourself in need of a little time alone, you feel guilty. One of my personal goals for the new year is to take time to restore, whether that means time alone, reading a new book, quiet time at home with my family, a yoga class or deciding to sleep in when needed. I want to continue to work on my own personal balance system. I don’t want to feel guilt about choices that I make, rather I am going to try to reflect often, reevaluate and do what I feel is best for myself and my family. For me, the continuation of this practice of balance, is my personal resolution. This New Year, I encourage you to do something similar for yourself. Do not create crazy goals that are unnecessary or unattainable. Instead, focus on something that makes you the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Whatever that may be, make that the goal that you chase in 2017. Investing in you is the best thing that you can decide to do this New Year!!

Enjoy your weekend & Happy New Year!!! Jenn

*Image and poem from The Time to Play Foundation*

Time To Play:  A Poem

Why should I put my life on hold

When I have today;

A time to love, a time to learn,

And a time to play.

Lisa-Hill-Balance-ScalesWhy should I keep my creativity

Hidden on a shelf?

When I can share it with the world,

And seek a higher self.

Why wait another minute?

Postpone another hour?

When I can start right now;

What invigorating power!

Allow the light to shine,

Believe it will come through;

Take some quiet time to think

Of all you’d like to do.

To make a difference in this world

Starting with fabulous you;

Begin a journey of love and light

By just being true.

Begin to live a balanced life;

To yourself just say:

“I have time to love and learn

And the time to play!”    

                                                                  -Stacy Lee

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