Twenty pounds down, twenty more to go! Love Stroller Sessions! I love working out but found myself sitting on my butt and stalled with my post partum weight loss. Now we get two great workouts a week, I am dropping the weight, AND I get to see all the friends I met through the class!
– Stephanie

I lost baby pudge, met new friends, AND my toddler had fun! What more could a busy mom want!
– Jessica

I spent the last half of my maternity leave working out with Stroller Sessions and could not have have been happier with the workouts. Workouts were super challenging and it helped get me back in all my clothes! I would much rather be doing strollers then working. Thanks Abbie!
– Jennifer

Stroller Sessions was a great way to kick start my exercise routine after baby #2! The workouts are challenging and fun! Abbie is a great instructor and motivator. My 4.5 year old loves coming with me and exercising too. I miss the workouts and friends I have made through stroller now that I am back to work!
– Kami

Stroller sessions rock! It is a great way to leave the house and get in shape post-baby.
– Mindy

Stroller Sessions is a great and fun workout. Abbie really challenges you to work hard. I love that I can bring my baby with me as well!!
– Johanna