#MMHM: Winter Boredom Busters for Kids

We are bored, what should we do?? Sound like your house today?? If not, lucky you!! For me, day 3 of playing in the snow tends to be the one where everyone is over the outdoors, but bored inside. After a winter storm, there is only so much outdoor snow fort building, snowball wars and sledding that can go on before you start to hear the “I’m bored” phrase over and over again. Today, my kid’s started the “we are boreeeddd” comments early this morning as they are all off from school today. After a weekend of lots of outdoor playing, shoveling and sledding, today they have not really wanted to play much outside. Here are some of our winter boredom busters that help in my house, especially with a range of ages 10-2.

Enjoy the day 🙂


I'm bored

Winter Boredom Busters

Build a fort using your couch cushions and old sheets. Make popcorn “surprise” (popcorn and I will add a few pieces of candy in the bowl) Turn off the lights and rent a movie…2 hours of “movie theater” in your house. 

Family yoga session: dim the lights, play some calming music and walk the kids through some of your favorite yoga moves for a 20-30 minute session.  

Build a Lego city, this provides hours of independent fun for the kids in my house. They build a whole “city” using all types of Legos, Lego men, vehicles, etc. 

Cover your kitchen table in white paper and tape down at the sides (you can buy the big rolls at any craft store) fill the middle of the table with a variety of washable paints and paint brushes, tell the kids to make you a masterpiece. 

Play games, all four of my children enjoy playing Jenga and Headbands. My older three like to play the game Life and card games.  

Give them a task for outdoor play, such as a snowman building contest, building a snow fort or for your older children, going to help an elderly neighbor shovel. 

“Book Club” everyone grabs a book, a cozy blanket and pillow. Create a relaxing and quiet area of the house where they all read their books (even if it is just looking though a picture book) and then tell each other about what they have read. 

My younger girls like to give their animals/barbies a bath. We fill a large tupperware container with some warm soapy water and they each pick a few barbies and small plastic animals to take a bath.

Take out some play-doh, a little rolling pin, cookie cutters and plastic knives. Have your children make “play-doh cookies” and sell them to each other. 

Bake together, whether it is making cookies or giving everyone a task to help cook a family dinner, kids tend to enjoy helping in the kitchen and having a specific job. 

Build a roadway and play cars. Either use painter’s tape to make the road or if you have car tracks, encourage the kids to use car and train tracks to create creative roadways. 

Practice school work, for younger children this is more exciting than for older kids 😉 This can range from practicing writing letters, playing a computer math game or practicing reading site words. 

Play hide and seek indoors, depending on the number of children in the house, have them create “teams” and have a prize at the end.

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