#MMHM: The Art Of Slowing Down

Lately I stop and hear myself speaking to my children, saying things such as, “hurry up” “let’s go” and “we are going to be late.” Honestly, I sit back and hate the fact that I have become someone that utters those phrases, I am not a rusher and have never been. I always arrived late and really was not phased by it. My lateness was never out of ignorance, rather because I was taking my time, enjoying a moment or I was held up for some reason. Getting children ready and out the door on time can sometimes be daunting, especially when you have a child that really likes to take their time.

For me, that child is my five year old daughter Harper. She really is the sweetest little girl, she is always taking everything in and enjoys every little moment. A walk around the block can take an hour because she wants to collect the most perfect flowers. Getting ready to leave the house always takes longer as she gathers her drawings that she has made for people we are going to see or needs a last minute wardrobe change. More and more I have found myself becoming frustrated and trying to rush her along, especially running out the door for school or one of the kid’s sporting events/activities. One day, while driving in the car, there was a person in front of us clearly in a rush. He was beeping, swerving, and speeding. I let out a sigh of annoyance, instead of using any choice words with my girls in the car with me. My insightful 5 year old said to me, “isn’t is just so crazy mom, how everyone rushes everywhere and gets so mad, that man probably didn’t even see the beautiful cloud shapes in the sky I am looking at.” Right there, she got me.

I do not want to rush my daughter while we are at park as she is exploring and enjoying nature because I need to get to the next thing. I do not want to take away her art of being slow, because she is taking it ALL in. She is enjoying every moment and not allowing anything or anyone to change her. That is a quality that makes her wonderful, insightful and beyond imaginative. That is not something that I will comprise. I do however, need her to understand that at some point you need to be aware of being on time, such as for school, or another commitment that has a specific time frame.

So right now I am working on the art of slowing down. As an adult in our society it feels like there is always something next. I am trying to change that for my family. I am soaking in the moments with my children, because as everyone always tells you, it really does go so fast. I am staying at places longer when I can , so my children can keep playing. I am enjoying sitting down and playing tea party or hairdresser and making sure to give my full attention. I am encouraging more unstructured time for my boys rather than feeling like every minute needs to be filled. I am making sure to NOT over schedule our family and allowing time for free play and imagination. I am making sure to wake my little slow poke earlier on school days, allowing her to still take her time, yet understand the importance of being on a schedule for school. I am using a timer, helping her to understand when it is time to stop playing and do what needs to be done.

In doing this and being aware of my attempt to slow down, I am trying to truly enjoy whatever I am doing at the moment. I am putting my phone away during dinner with friends, a date night,  a visit to my parents house or play time with my children. I am giving myself more time to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life, because really, that is what it is all about.

Enjoy the day 🙂



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