MMHM: MUST HAVES to Survive the Fall

As a mom, as much as I love getting back into the routine of school, September is jam-packed every year, making the transition from the lazy days of summer to back to school days that much harder. Between getting everyone organized for back to school, making lunches daily that everyone will actually eat, juggling sports and activities, Back to School nights, and various weekend activities, September always feels like it is trying to drown me! Now that it is finally October, I feel like I am starting to get my act together. Here are some of my MUST HAVES in order to feel like I can survive the Fall.

Happy Monday 🙂



  • Find an organizational system for school papers that actually works for you!

*For me, school paperwork is overwhelming this year, as I am juggling 4 children in 3 different schools. I have designated a little wire basket for each school and have all important news, picture forms, etc. in those baskets. Then, each of my children have their own “mailbox” that is for their upcoming homework assignments or any other individual papers that need to be saved. My kids are responsible for emptying their folders and putting everything in its proper place.

  • Create a structured after-school routine for homework, snack, or nap time.

*It has always been a challenge in my house after school, especially trying to keep the younger siblings away from the older siblings during homework time. A few minutes prior to my older children coming home, I set up my youngest with a snack, drink and a movie in a different area of the house. Most days this works and gives me about 2 hours to focus on homework and after school snacks.

  • Get your children involved in making their own lunches. 

*I HATE packing school lunches, someone always has a reason why they couldn’t eat their lunch. I have found that involving my children in the process helps greatly. The night before school, they help make their lunches for the next day. It makes our mornings easier and they tend to actually eat their lunches, for the most part. I am definitely more creative with my lunches these days and I have a good thermos for hot lunch days.

  • Practice saying NO

*This is something that I am really working on this year. I have such a hard time actually saying no,especially when asked to volunteer for school and sport events. Each year I have something else added to my plate, I actually said no to two different “can you help at this event” requests this week, which is big for me! I am also helping my children practice saying no. For example, it is not necessary for them to say yes to every sport, activity or after school event that they are offered. This is a work in progress for my family!

  • Meal Plan for the week ahead

*I plan on Sunday and involve my children, we have a Menu board where I write down our dinners for the week. I also use my Crockpot OFTEN during the Fall. Meal planing has helped me cut down on my grocery bills, limit quick and easy (and a lot of times unhealthy) dinner nights and eat healthier.

  • Create time for YOU

*I have gotten much better at this over the past year. I have certain things that I won’t give up, such a working out in the mornings, going out with friends, taking yoga classes, going on dates with my husband, etc. Whatever you need to do for yourself to feel good, make sure that you do not compromise that! It can be very easy to let your children’s schedule dictate your own, try very hard to not allow that to happen. You will be a much happier and healthier mom, spouse and friend.

  • Get yourself some good wine: you will need it 🙂 


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