#MMHM: Making your life easier: Menu Planning




I was in a food rut a few months ago. This became especially apparent when my 10 year old turned to me and said, “Mom, why are you only cooking the same 3 things all the time, dinner is so boring, it used to be fun.”  Time for a change!!

It is no secret that I love cooking, although the task of feeding a family of 6 and coming up with different ideas all the time was getting to me. I was either cooking my easy staple meals too often or spending way too much money on food everyday. I wanted to plan and prepare better, but I also wanted my kids to be involved in dinner choices. So I decided that I was going to create a weekly menu.

I chose a large wall in my kitchen and painted it with chalkboard paint, this became our menu and calendar board. I decided that every Sunday, prior to food shopping, I was going to give my children each a night that they could decide what is for dinner. I have specific rules that they need to follow; such as no takeout,  healthy choices for the whole family and that they can not repeat their choice the following week. They also understand that they need to be flexible, in case we need to switch up the menu for some reason and that I always have input on their menu choice 🙂

This has been a game changer for our dinners. Not only does it help me to save money by doing all of my food shopping for the week on Sundays, but it also has been fun for my kids to be involved in picking our dinners. Everyone looks forward to their choice night and our menu is written on the board on Sundays, that way the kids know what we are having and it also reminds me each morning what I am making for that night. It keeps us away from quick easy meals that are not always the healthiest choices.

Today’s #MMHM is to try to make your life easier by planning a weekly menu. Do it however it works best for you and your family, but getting the kids involved definitely limits the dinnertime complaints 😉


Happy Monday 🙂

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