#MMHM: Help keep the stomach bug away with grape juice!

Last winter I noticed a few different stomach bug “cures” floating around Pinterest and did not really pay much attention to them, until my whole family was hit with the bug. In a 3 day period, all 6 of us had an awful stomach bug. Even with all of the disinfecting, hand washing and laundry that I did, it was inevitable that we all got it. Fast forward to this past week, out of nowhere my 2 year old Maeve went from happily playing to vomiting every hour…..ahhh the dreaded winter stomach bug. I figured I would try one of these supposed cures and see if it really helped. The most popular one that I read about was drinking 100% pure grape juice as soon as someone near you has the stomach bug, there are a ton of articles and posts out there about this one.  One blogger claimed that her husband  got the bug, she and her children immediately drank the grape juice (2 glasses the first day and 1 glass for a few days after) and no one else got it. So I figured why not. I made everyone, besides Maeve, drink 2 glasses of grape juice and then 1 glass a day after…and knock on wood, 5 days later and no one else has gotten sick! Supposedly the grape juice changes the acidity in your stomach, helping to prevent the spread of the stomach bug. So, give it a try! I will continue to make my kids drink a glass of grape juice a day, I would rather have one sugary drink over the stomach bug any day!!!

*Disclaimer: If someone in your family has the stomach bug and sibling’s stomach is starting to feel a little off…it is too late for the grape juice! Don’t drink it as you wouldn’t want to be cleaning up purple!!*

Happy Winter 🙂



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