#MMHM: Have a Healthier Family Summer Vacation

The next few weeks tend to be popular for summer vacations. While you should absolutely enjoy your time away from home and indulge in some of your favorite drinks and treats, vacation should not mean that your healthy lifestyle totally goes to the wayside for a week or two. What are some ways that you can enjoy your family vacation a little healthier? For me, I make sure to do the following tips before and during my vacation. I also know what I MUST enjoy while I am away. For some that may mean a favorite ice cream place, a food that you can only ever have at your vacation destination, or more drinking than usual. Whatever it may be, the key is balance!! Eat your favorite food treat once during your vacation and enjoy it! Enjoy that delicious ice cream, drink some cocktails, but be aware of your choices and balance it out with healthy food and staying active.


Healthier Family Vacation Tips:

Before you leave for your vacation, pack some of your healthy staple foods that you eat at home. I always make sure to bring the supplies that I use to make my morning smoothies, as well as individually bagged almonds, kind bars and almond butter.

Renting a house? Plan to have some dinners at home! Don’t eat out for every meal. Does the town that you are in have great seafood? Buy some fresh fish and veggies at the farmer’s market and cook it at home. You will not only save some money this way, but you will definitely cut out some calories as well!

Shop early in your trip and make sure that you have a variety of your normal daily foods with you where you are staying. Some fresh fruits, veggies and hummus are great for after beach snacks!

Spending your days on the beach? Pack a cooler filled with lots of water, watermelon slices, frozen grapes and some healthy snacks such as frozen yogurt tubes for the kids, raw nuts, popcorn, etc.

Be aware of your cocktail choices & remember to hydrate with water.

Keep active!! For some, this may mean visiting a gym or yoga studio while away. For others, this could be a morning jog on the beach, or a nightly walk. Whatever it may be, make sure to be active during your vacation.

RELAX!!! Leave work at home, sleep in, go to bed early, read a book, do some yoga. Whatever floats your boat, make sure to do that during your vacation!!


Happy Summer 🙂


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