#MMHM: Clean Eating Challenge


January 2016, time for a new year and a fresh start! I am not one to make “resolutions” instead I like to look back on a year and reflect: what did I do well, how can I continue that, and what would I like to work towards to make improvements. Before I get into our clean eating challenge, I am going to share a little background story about myself. Last January I committed to doing the Whole 30 from Jan 2-Feb 2nd. The idea of no sugar, dairy, carbs or alcohol was not something that I was looking forward to, although I felt like I needed a jump start with my diet. I had been working for 18 months on losing my baby weight from my 4th, and while working out with Abbie and eating healthier made a huge improvement, I felt like those last few pounds were not budging. The Whole 30 was my game changer. It really gave me that jump start that I needed and made me feel healthy. Now, a year later I really follow more of an 80/20 clean eating plan, 80% of the time I eat clean and the other 20% is reserved for dinners out, wine, or an occasional treat 🙂 What I personally like the most about Whole 30 is that it is not a “magic diet plan” it is really a starting plate for a diet lifestyle change, which is the real “trick” for losing weight and maintaining it.

The holidays are always a time for indulgence for me, so now I need a good jump start again! I am personally not planning on doing the full Whole 30 program again (basically I won’t give up my weekend wine) although today I am starting a clean eating challenge for the month of January. For anyone that wants to join, you can follow Abbie & I on our BTB Facebook group. If you feel like you really need a clean slate, I highly recommend committing to our challenge!


Happy 2016 🙂

Jenn & Abbie

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