Fitness Friday: Why I Won’t Give Up Coffee & Wine…..and the reasoning behind it!

I recently read a great article on EatToPerform, if you don’t already follow them, I suggest you do! I loved the idea behind their article and realized that it is actually the way that I have been living my own life and why it works for me, they just put it into words.

The basic idea behind the article was what the author called the “tortilla principle” or why she won’t give up eating a daily tortilla in the name of a diet. The article goes on to explain how so many people, women in particular, create lists of what they will do in the name of a diet…I will stop eating carbs, I will give up alcohol, sugar, dairy, and meat. I will only drink shakes for my meals. The “wills” soon become negative “won’ts” such as I won’t allow myself to eat dessert, I won’t buy new jeans unless I lose 5 pounds, I won’t eat pizza, I won’t eat cake…the lists can really go on. They also can form extremely unhealthy eating habits, self-image issues, not to mention create unhealthy habits and ideas of self-worth for the children that witness their parents making these lists for themselves.

So instead of focusing on the negatives, the author of the article encouraged her readers to create their own “I won’t” lists. Just because there are certain areas in your healthy lifestyle that you may compromise, does not mean that you go totally off your own healthy living path. It is important to be healthy, be aware of food choices and maintain an active and fit lifestyle. However, creating harsh restrictions creates unhealthy habits, as well as takes a lot of fun out of this short life that we were given to enjoy! I encourage all of you to create your own list of your 5″I won’ts” including whatever balance works for you. This list can also include what makes you feel happy, healthy and enhances your well-being!

For me, these are some of the things that I am not willing to compromise!

I won’t give up drinking wine. I won’t give up drinking coffee with a little cream and sugar. I won’t give up my early morning workouts. I won’t talk about my weight or myself in a negative way, especially in front of my children. I won’t go a week without yoga. I won’t give up my one weekend “cheat day” when I order takeout with my kids and have a few drinks with my husband. I won’t eat dairy, I hate the way it makes me feel. I will never say no to dessert at a party 🙂


Enjoy the weekend!


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