Fitness Friday: Why High Intensity Workouts are AMAZING


There are many reason why I enjoy HIIT workouts, mainly because they are efficient and I always get a good workout. High Intensity Interval Training is typically described as any workout that alternates between intervals of fast-paced exercises and periods of rest. An effective HIIT is typically between 30-45 minutes. According to a recent article published by Shape Magazine. these are the top 8 benefits of HIIT workouts:

1) The are efficient: you are not spending hours at a gym, you are in and out quickly, getting a great workout in and fitting it into your busy lifestyle.

2) You will burn more fat

3) You will build a healthier heart

4) There is no equipment necessary

5) HIIT helps you lose weight, not muscle.

6) You increase your metbolism

7) You can do it anywhere

8) It is a really challenging workout that gives results!

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Enjoy the weekend 🙂

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