Fitness Friday: The Real Reason To Workout


The month of January tends to be a big motivator for many people when it comes to health and fitness. The gyms are buzzing, cleanses & diet ideas fill up Pinterest and gym check-ins become frequent on Facebook…and then it dies down and February begins. For many people this pattern is consistent and they can not understand why they are not seeing immediate results and tend to get back into their old habits.

Why?  They are working out for the wrong reasons and are not looking at exercise in the way that those who live a fit lifestyle do. Exercise should not be viewed as a necessity for weight loss or make up time for a bad food choice, rather it needs to be looked at as a necessity for your overall health, wellness and mental state of mind.

We all know that exercise releases endorphins, so naturally after we workout we feel great. Our minds are cleared, our bodies feel strong and we feel accomplished and ready to start the day.

Need some motivation to get out of that winter slump? 

Daily physical activity: maintains weight, boosts energy, reduces stress, improves mood, reduces the risk of diseases, promotes better sleep, improves your sex life, helps with depression & anxiety, and allows you to positively impact and influence your children’s view of their own body image.

Now THAT is some real motivation, do it for yourself!

Happy Friday 🙂


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