Fitness Friday: Stay Healthier this July 4th Weekend!


July 4th is one of my favorite holidays! I love the fireworks, summer drinks, sitting by the pool and BBQ food. Although, when July 4th falls on a Monday, that tends to mean that celebrations begin Friday, which is not always the best for my diet! Whether you are away this weekend or at home, here are some ways that I try to stay on track while still enjoying some of my favorite treats!

1) Skip chips, dips and opt for veggies or fruit before your meal

2) Use a smaller plate and make sure that your plate is colorful! Serve yourself salad first and then put on the rest of your meal.

3) Opt to eat your favorite dessert instead of trying bites of everything 😉

3) Be aware of your drinking! I am not one to shy aware from drinks, although make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. If you drink wine, add some sparkling water to make it a spritzer. Drinking a vodka cocktail? Mix it with sparkling flavored water and some fresh lemon and lime. Beer drinker? Opt for light beer.

4) Stay active! Whether you are on vacation or home this weekend, make sure to move often! Play outside with your kids, take a morning run, do some yoga. Home this weekend?? Check out Focus Fitness and the fun Stars & Stripes workouts they have planned for the 4th!

Enjoy the weekend!!!!

🙂 Jenn



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