Fitness Friday: Snow Day Workout at Home

According to the news and weather reports, it looks like this weekend is going to bring a big snow storm. What to do when you’re snowed in this weekend?? Besides having a few cocktails 😉 Do our at home workout. Guaranteed to get your heart rate going and warm you up during the snowy and blustery weekend!!!
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Enjoy the snow 🙂
Jenn & Abbie
snow workout
3 times  in 12 minutes
50 high knees
40 skaters
30 plank jacks
20 squat jumps
10 donkey kicks
30 squat thrusts
30 lunges
30 plank hip drops
30 sprinters
30 lay/leg tucks
20 squat thrusts
20 lunges
20 plank hip drops
20 sprinters
20 lay/leg tucks
10 squat thrusts
10 lunges
10 plank hip drops
10 sprinters
10 lay/leg tucks
How Many can you do in 1 minute??
Squats _ try to reach 60
Burpees_ try to reach 20
Plank holds- 60 seconds
push ups- try to reach 50
Jumping Jacks
mountain climbers
squat jacks
bunny hops
sit ups
Descending ladder- do 10 of each exercise, 9 of each all the way down to 1.  If you have extra time go back up.
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