Fitness Friday: Less is Best!

Growing up one of my mom’s favorite phrases to say to my sisters and I was “less is best.” This can be applied to so many aspects in your daily life. As a child, if I came home telling my mom a story about “mean girl” drama at school, she would respond by saying “be aware of what you say back to people, remember less is best.” Today, this phrase is one of my favorite reminders. As an adult it is easy to get caught up in the feeling of always needing more. Needing more material possessions, more planned activities, the latest electronic devices….the list could go on. What I have found in my life is that less is truly best. Less talking, more listening, less comparing yourself to others, more appreciating everything that you have, less planning, more living, less stressing, more laughing.

This weekend, try to focus on the idea that less is best, and truly enjoy and appreciate the things that really matter!

Happy Friday 🙂

Jenn LessMore

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