Fitness Friday: Focus on: Reflecting On Yourself This Holiday Season


Black Friday: a holiday in itself for many. I am all about a great deal, although today, take a minute to pause and reflect. What does the holiday season really mean to you? Today as you are going about your day, whatever that may entail, whether it is shopping all day, finding time for yourself or spending the day with family, take a moment to really think about the meaning of this time of year. I think that so many of us get caught up in the chaos that ensues with the holidays and tend to rush, complain and perhaps even have some moments of unkindness.

Frustrated with your shopping experience today? Remember that those working to help you are spending time away from their own families and loved ones, and most likely have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving. Be kind and appreciative.

Annoyed by a slow driver? Remember to slow down yourself and take a few deep breaths, you will get wherever you need to be.

Rushing your children to and from holiday gatherings? Sensing annoyance in your voice? Remember, your children are little once! Embrace this magical time of year and make time for just quiet relaxation as a family. If that means declining a few invites when your kids have had enough, so be it. Drinking hot cocoa, eating popcorn and watching a holiday movie together is a moment that will not always be there. Enjoy it now and let your children have cozy & warm family time.

Need a little break? Take time for yourself & don’t let guilt get in the way. Whether it is working out, treating yourself to a mani/pedi or going out to a kids free dinner, make sure to allow yourself time when you need it.

Enjoy this time of year & remember to treat all of those around you with kindness. It makes for a much happier holiday season for all!

🙂 Jenn

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