Fitness Friday: Focus On Pre and Post Workout Snacks

We all know how great you feel after a good workout. Although, it is important to remember to properly fill your body with the right nutrients and drink choices, especially before and after a workout. Here are a few of our favorite pre and post workout food choices. Don’t forget to hydrate with water!



Happy Friday 🙂


Best Pre-Workout Foods (eat 30-60 minutes prior)

Kind or LaraBar

Whole wheat toast with sliced banana, nut butter and a dash of cinnamon

Hard boiled egg with 1/2 sliced avocado

Oatmeal topped with fresh fruit

Best Post-Workout Foods (eat within 2 hours of working out) 

Cottage Cheese or Plain Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit

Grilled chicken



Sweet potato

Protein rich smoothie


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