Fitness Friday: Focus on: Healthier Holidays

I love the holiday season, although like many other people, I tend to over indulge during the holidays. Basically from Thanksgiving to New Years I find myself eating and drinking whatever I please. I am all about everything in moderation, and have never been one to deprive myself, although I need a plan. Here are some tips for surviving the holidays and not sabotaging all of your hard work!

🙂 Jenn


Healthy Holiday Tips:

Make sure that you never show up to a party or holiday event starving! Eat a healthy breakfast and a protein rich lunch prior to a dinner party. This will help curb the desire to go crazy with apps & snacks.

Going to a party and bringing something?? Offer to bring a salad and a veggie, that way you know that you will have have healthy options available. Put the salad on your plate first 😉

Workout in the morning. I personally don’t do this on Christmas, although I do not host Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve and am able to workout in the morning because my husband is home. Check out some of the great classes Focus Fitness is offering on Thanksgiving morning. Just because it is the holiday season does not mean your workouts should be pushed aside!! Keep up with your routine and try to be active every day.

Hydrate!! Make sure to drink water all day and night! Especially if you are at a party with cocktails, drink water in between 🙂

Everything in moderation!! You do not need to try every dessert at the table, but do you have an absolute favorite treat that makes a once a year appearance? Eat that! Make your indulgences worth it 🙂

Have a buddy. Whether it is a workout friend that you meet weekly or someone at the holiday party circuit that is like-minded, having the support and accountability makes a huge difference! I find that if I tell someone I will meet them to workout I am much more likely to show up versus if I am planning to go out alone.

Lighten up your cocktails, add sparkling water or club soda.

Most importantly, enjoy & make sure to find time for relaxing with friends and family!! Make sure that you do indulge in quality time with your family & friends, nothing is more important than spending the holidays with those that are most important.


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