Fitness Friday: Focus on: Being True to Yourself



One of the most difficult things to teach is the importance of being true to one’s self, not only do I try to teach my own young children this lesson daily, but I also try to encourage the teenage students that I teach to do the same. Watching children trying to mold themselves into being someone that they are not is hard to watch. Whether it is a young child agreeing with the crowd about what is the new favorite color, an older child doing something wrong that they know is wrong, but do anyway hoping to fit in, or a teenager succumbing to peer pressure and finding themselves in dangerous situations, all are done at the cost of fitting in. As an adult, this pattern tends to continue, yet in a different way. The “mom world” can be rough for some, there is the battle of working vs. stay at home moms, there is the underlying competition about children’s accomplishments, material possessions and trying to fit into the mold of what it means to be a “perfect mother.” Ridiculous indeed, yet not non-existent.

Out of my four children, my 5 year old daughter Harper is the one who unapologetically is always herself. No matter the situation, she always does what she really enjoys doing, even if sometimes that means she is playing alone because she wants to play her own games, it does not phase her. She never feels the need to change who she is just to fit in with what anyone else is doing. It is such a refreshing quality, and I truly hope that it never changes for her. As a mom, I believe that being true to yourself is the best way to teach your children to do the same. I try on a daily basis to exemplify this to my own children, and to remind myself the importance of always surrounding myself with those that appreciate and respect the true me, flaws and all 🙂 I encourage you all to do the same and remember that your true self is always enough.


Enjoy your Friday 🙂


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