Fitness Friday: Finding Your Balance



It sounds cliche, although in order for me to feel successful as a mother, wife and in my own personal health & fitness goals, I need to have a balance. This balance is both external and internal, as I need to devote time for both myself and my family equally.

When it comes to health and fitness, I am a firm believer in balance. For me, balance means never doing any sort of deprivation diet. I have tried fad diets;  no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol…what?!?! That never works for me. Instead, I follow a cleaning eating 80/20 rule, 80% of the time I eat clean, 20% of the time I dedicate to having a glass of wine, dinners out with friends, a date night,  a slice of pizza on Friday night, a cocktail by the pool. etc.  Balance. One of the reasons I really love working out at Focus Fitness is because it provides the perfect balance for my fitness goals. A week for me usually consists of yoga, spin, TRX and the training studio, this provides diversity for me both physically and mentally. I need this in order to feel balanced physically.

I also try to find balance in my marriage, my friendships and my family. I think that it is so important to know what your priorities are and to feel confident in sticking with them. For me I know the things that I won’t compromise at all, I will never cancel a date night with my husband, I will never miss a big event for my children, my family will always come first and I will always truly value friendships. I also believe that sometimes it is necessary to put yourself first, and I am trying VERY hard to not feel guilty when that happens. I’m trying to remind myself daily of what is important for me to hold on to and what I need to let go, the ultimate personal balancing act.

This summer I am trying to help my children find their balance. At their young ages this means knowing how to balance their chores with fun and how to balance time with friends and time with family. They have a summer chore chart with a list of things that they must complete before they can play, such as making their beds, getting dressed, reading for 20 minutes, doing math for 20 minutes and making sure that their rooms are cleaned.  I am hoping that this helps them value their free time, understand personal responsibilities and realize that it is necessary to work together as a family in order for a house to function and be happy.

Whatever balances you in your life, focus on that this summer. Make a list for yourself and stick to it. Try to make realistic goals for your health & fitness, your marriage, your friendships and your children. Remember: everyone falls and has setbacks, the key is to get back up and balance yourself again!


Happy Summer 🙂

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