Fitness Friday: Focus on a Healthier Holiday Weekend!


Like everyone else, I love the 4th of July! I love the BBQs, long weekend plans, drinks, snacks, fireworks and fun! It is so easy to fall into a long weekend eating rut, but it doesn’t have to ruin your diet! Remember, everything in moderation is key! Here are some tips to help during holiday parties:

Avoid the creamy dips & chips, instead opt for veggies, hummus, fruit and shrimp cocktail.

Lighten up your wine or cocktail. Make yourself a spritzer, add some flavored sparkling water to your wine for a lightened up version of your favorite. I love adding La Croix sparkling water to my wine. 

Fill the majority of your plate with salad before your add any other BBQ goodies. Add grilled chicken or a burger to your salad and skip the roll.

Make sure to keep up with your water! It will keep you hydrated between drinks and snacks 😉

Try to fit in a workout over the weekend. Either an early morning jog, a class or some yoga at home. It will make you feel better!

Last but not least, enjoy!! Don’t deprive yourself, pick one dessert and eat it.


Happy 4th of July!!


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