Fitness Friday: BTB Buddha Bowl Challenge


Have you seen any Buddha Bowl recipes lately? If you search on Pinterest or Instagram you will find them quickly and every recipe looks so amazingly delicious! The idea behind the Buddha Bowl is simple. The feeling of eating a full meal out of one bowl brings nourishment and warmth to the body. The Buddha Bowl is supposed to be a bowl that represents these feelings filled with pure and nutritious food to fuel your body.  The recipe ideas are endless, but there is somewhat of a formula that should be used as a guideline. MindBodyGreen has a great description of how to get started with creating your own Buddha Bowl meals.

We have decided to have a Buddha Bowl Challenge! Here is how it works:  create your own Buddha Bowls and share your picture using the hashtag #BTBBuddhaBowlChallenge, share your picture to Born to Burpee and Focus Fitness Facebook Pages. The picture with the most likes by Friday, March 11th will win a new Focus Fitness Tank!

Happy Friday!!!

Jenn & Abbie

Don’t know where to start? Here is some information from MindBodyGreen about creating your own Buddha Bowl 

In their article, How to Make A Healing, Nourshing Budda Bowl, they state the following: 

Create YOUR own Buddha Bowl:

1. Find a unique, large sized bowl which you can become accustomed to as a symbol of nourishment and gratitude, and perhaps a pair of chopsticks to complete the “mood.”

2. First, use an abundance of raw organic greens to fill the majority of the bowl. My favorites are kale, arugula and watercress, which are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

3. Next, add in as many raw or steamed veggies as you like or have available. Mixing textures and variations in taste can be an enjoyable and relaxing creative process: crunchy, sweet, bitter, juicy …

4. Now it’s time for protein — I like to keep it light in the evening, so I add only 25% of a protein-grain combo, and usually choose beans like garbanzo, black or kidney, and grains such as quinoa or brown rice. Other delicious proteins could be walnuts, pumpkin seeds or ultra-nutritious chia seeds.

Dressing YOUR Buddha Bowl:

This final touch is the best part and can be as varied as a flower arrangement. Drizzle your favorite olive oil and vinegar, or splash tamari or Braggs and lemon juice, add finely chop garlic, scallions, mild or hot peppers, sprinkle sea salt, nutritional yeast, or cayenne … discover what feels nourishing to your body, concentrate on tingling your taste buds! And of course, remember to enjoy with gratitude!

From: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-12702/how-to-make-a-healing-nourishing-buddha-bowl.html

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