Featured Mom: #allsmilessteph March 2015


Our featured mom for March is #allsmilessteph.  Steph always has such a happy disposition and is a pleasure to have at our sessions.  Steph is always smiling while pushing through burpees or chasing after her kiddies when they are looking for trouble.  Steph pushes herself a little harder each time she attends a session, which is why her strength has improved a great deal while working out at Stroller Sessions.  We love having Steph and her kiddies as part of our group. Thanks to Steph and all the other Stroller moms for showing up and making our sessions special. We would like to share more about #allsmilessteph and her family with the rest of you! #momsrock #strollersessions  #borntoburpee

SS: Tell us a little about you.

ST: I grew up in West Chester but moved to San Francisco after college, where I met my husband, Ken (we were roommates!) We’ve been together for 12 years and married for 9. Though we absolutely loved California, we returned to the East Coast a few years ago to be closer to our families. We have two kids; our daughter Colbie is 3 1/2 and our son Davis is 18 months. Two years ago I left my corporate job to start my own health/medical PR consulting business. I love being my own boss and the flexibility that comes with it.

SS: What is your favorite part of being a mom?

ST: My favorite part of being a Mom is the daily doses of love you receive. The hugs, kisses and snuggles make you forget about anything else and hearing “I love you, Mommy” is absolutely priceless. Now with two, seeing the love they have for each other bring me even more joy. 

SS: What is your least favorite part of being a mom?

ST: As a mom you have so much love for your kids. It feels like a piece of you is walking around outside your body. And with that comes its fair share of worry. It’s human nature to want to protect your children, but I’m trying to find the right balance between helping and guiding, and giving them the freedom and autonomy to learn and figure things out on their own. Every day is a learning experience, and I’m sure it will only get harder as they get older!

SS: You just went through Nap Boot Camp, what was that like? Any sleeping tips for toddlers.

ST: I’m by no means a sleep expert, but throughout our struggles with sleep, I’ve learned that consistency is key. Establishing a regular nap time and sticking to it definitely helped get us over the hump. 

SS: What was your favorite 24 hour Kid Free escape?

ST: My favorite quick kid-free getaway was when my husband and I snuck up to NYC for the night. We’re so lucky to be less than an hour train ride away from so many renowned hotels, restaurants and Broadway shows. We were able to snag last minute tickets to ‘Rock of Ages’ (I love 80s monster ballads). The whole trip was very spontaneous, which made it all the more fun. 

SS: Why do you exercise? 

ST: I have more energy and less stress when I’m in a regular exercise routine. I love the feeling of waking up a little sore in the morning. It’s a reminder that I worked hard and gave it my all! And I like that my kids see me exercise. I want to set a good example for them, and instill healthy eating and exercise habits early in life.

SS: When did you start doing SS? Favorite part?

ST: I started doing Stroller Sessions in May 2014, when my youngest was 8 months old. I love that I get in a hard core workout while they play and have fun. It’s a win/win. And I really enjoy the bonus Sunday yoga at FitTribe. It’s a great way to stretch and strengthen after the week’s workouts, and has helped me improve my balance and flexibility. 

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