Featured Mom: #magicalmarykate January 2015


Our featured mom for January is #magicalmarykate. @marykate is a part-time working mom that never misses Stroller Sessions on a Friday ( and Thursdays) over the past year. She comes with her 2 daughters, works her butt off and it’s magical how she gets it all done. Thanks to @Marykate and all the other Stroller moms for showing up making our group super special. We would like to share a little about #magicalmarykate and her family with the rest of you! #momsrock#strollersessions #borntoburpee

SS:Tell us a little about you.. Kids, married years? Where are you from?
ML: I have two beautiful girls, Bethany is 2 1/2 and Allison just turned 1 on Jan.
My husband’s name is Steve and we have been together for about 6 years and married for 4. He is a great Dad and I don’t know how I would do it with out him. He does so much for the girls and I. I was born and raised in Havertown.

SS: Favorite part of being a mom?
ML: My favorite part of being a mom is just watching the girls grow. When you think you are in the best part of motherhood, they do something to amaze you. I don’t think I have ever smiled and laughed so much before. Also having the girls close together, it’s fun watching them grow into their own different little person but how they still protect each other.

SS: Least favorite part of being a mom?
ML: My least favorite part of being a mom is the worrying…. I worry when I am not with them, hoping they are safe and happy. I worry that I am not making the right choices that will help them become happy and healthy people in the future. I worry I that I am not giving them everything they need.. Also, I would love to sleep in every once in a while wink emoticon

SS: Favorite place to enjoy a quiet day
ML: If I was to have a quiet it day, it would probably have to be at the beach on a nice hot day.

SS:. Pointers for moms expecting their first little girl.
ML: After having 2 beautiful girls, my suggestion for anyone having a girl is to start saving! There is so many adorable girl things out there. Between the bows, the shoes, the dresses… it can get expensive…but totally worth it!

SS: Why do you exercise?
ML: I used to exercise to help me lose weight. It worked for awhile but then I found my self dreading it. I decided awhile ago that exercise was something I needed to do to just be healthy. It helped me to start really loving my workouts. I didn’t have the pressure of making sure I was doing enough, or counting my calories. Now exercise is something I need to do a few times a week, not something I have to do. It keeps me healthy and strong, which now being a mom I need more the ever. It helps me keep up with the girls and be a good example for them.

SS: When did you start doing SS? Favorite part?
ML: I started SS last March. It was perfect. I work part time and my husband has a job that has different kinds of hours. Having a workout that I can bring the girls was VERY convenient. I wish I had done it sooner. SS has helped me the most with my core. I have never been a big ab person and I was ok with that, but Abbie always adds some kind of abs workout in. I have noticed how much stronger my core is. It has helped my pasture and I have noticed a big change just by lifting my girls.

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