Featured Mom: #lightninglaura February 2015

Our featured mom for February is #lightninglaura. Laura comes to Stroller Tuesday with her youngest (James) and Fridays with both boys.  Laura is there to kick butt, she always brings her A game. When Laura runs, it’s come very natural to her and not to mention Laura is as fast as lighting #lightinglaura.  Laura is a hard core exerciser and values her limited time to squeeze in workouts, which is what keeps her coming back for more Stroller Sessions each week.  We love having Lauring and her boys as part of our group. Thanks to Laura and all the other Stroller moms for showing up and making our sessions special. We would like to share more about #lightninglaura and her family with the rest of you! #momsrock #strollersessions  #borntoburpee
SS: Tell us a little about you.. Kids, married years? Where are you from?
LW: I have two sons – David Jr is 2.5 and James just turned one. My husband and I have been together for about 11 years (since college) and married for 6.5. I grew up in Springfield. I lived away in Virginia for a few years after college and we moved back to the area (Havertown) about six years ago. We are loving raising our family here and I work part time at a local CPA firm.
SS: What is your favorite part of being a mom?
LW: I love to watch the boys grow and learn as they move from phase to phase. It is really fun to have two boys close in age and watch as their different personalities develop. When I watch their faces light up as they learn, see or experience something new, it makes my day. Their laughter and smiles are the best parts of my day. I also love to watch David imitate his dad and his pop-he is at an age where he is really starting it be funny -you never know what he is going to say!!
SS: What is your least favorite part of being a mom?
LW: With two boys so close in age and so young my least favorite part of my daily mom life is constantly breaking up David and James with David yelling “no James you too little!” I think I hear that 100 times a day- hopefully James will be “big enough” to play with his big brother soon!
SS: Tell us about your worst family vacation ever.
LW: When David was three months old (and not sleeping at all) we decided to drive to hilton head to meet my best friend from college and her family. That was a looooong drive, I packed our entire house basically and I think when we got there my husband was extremely disappointed at the limited amount of things a three month old could do on vacation (I think he thought he was going to be taking him to the driving range?? Clearly his expectations were skewed!) after we got used to our new definition of vacation as a family of three (with a newborn) we ended up having a great time. And the baby started sleeping as soon as we got home – miracle cure!
SS: Best Fitness Accomplishment
LW: Before I got pregnant with David, I trained for and ran the Philly marathon. That was definitely my best fitness accomplishment since it is something I never thought I could do. I would love to run another full marathon when the boys are older and I have time to seriously run and train again.
SS: Why do you exercise?
LW: Exercise has always been a part of my daily routine. I competed in athletics through college and started running in races and going to gym classes right after graduation.  My husband is a lifelong athlete too and it’s been something we do together. I can’t imagine not exercising – it just makes me feel good! It is most important for me to be in shape now more than ever as I spend my days chasing two little boys…I also love to eat!! And exercise makes me feel better about indulging in not so great food choices from time to time.
SS: When did you start doing SS? Favorite part
LW: I started doing SS in April 2014 as soon as I was cleared for exercise with James.  I was skeptical about whether it would be a good workout but I was blown away! The workouts are tough and Abbie is always pushing us. It is great to be able to bring the kids while getting a workout in. David even imitates doing jumping jacks, squats and jump squats. It’s great for the kids to get exposed to exercise at such a young age, especially since it’s so important to our family. And it’s fun for me to have met a lot of great moms and their kids!


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