Featured Mom: #kindlykatie July 2015


Our featured mom for July is Katie Italiano. Katie and her children love tyo come to BTB with Mom. Especially her daughter Claire, who is a huge TeamLiz fan.  Katie is probably the sweetest and most kind person you will ever meet that is why she is #kindlykatie.  We would like to share with all of you some fun facts about BTB mom Katie! Thanks to Katie and all the  BTB Moms for always showing up!! #momsrock #hardwork #byebyebabyweight #borntoburpee

BTB: Tell us a little about you.. Kids, married years? Where are you from?

KI: I grew up in Springfield and now live in Wynnewood with my husband, Phil, and our kids, Claire (4) and Adam (almost 2). Phil and I met while at the University of Richmond and have been together for about 12 years and married for almost 8 years. Before having Claire and Adam, I taught Honors Math at Holy Cross School in Springfield and decided to stay home full time after I had Claire.
BTB: Favorite part of being a mom
KI: It would probably be that no matter how tough the day might be (tantrums, whining, refusing naps…) there are always so many moments of laughter and smiles. It’s amazing to see how much my kids grow and learn each day and I feel so lucky to get to experience those moments.
BTB: Least favorite part of being a mom
KI: The tantrums, whining, and refusal of naps…no, seriously, I would have to say it is the constant worry that I am not doing a good job as a mom. There are so many theories, books, etc. out there that tell you the “best” ways to raise your children, but they always seem to contradict each other. I’ve learned to just pick and choose the advice that best fits my parenting style and my kids and hope that I’m doing the right things!
BTB: Favorite Summer Activity
KI: My parents have a shore house in Ocean City, NJ, so my favorite thing to do is spend the day at the beach watching my kids play in the sand and run in the waves.
BTB: Favorite foods of Summer

KI: This is a tough one…my favorite summer foods would have to be anything that is cooked on the grill. Oh, and Mallon’s sticky buns are a favorite treat!
BTB: Why do you exercise?
KI: I have always been an active person but I wouldn’t say I have ever had a set exercise routine until I started doing BTB. It has really helped me to have more energy and feel better about myself. After I had Claire I had some back troubles and was afraid to start working out again after finishing PT because I was scared that I would hurt my back again. But doing SS has really helped strengthen my core and Abbie is really understanding of the physical tolls pregnancy can have on your body and is so helpful with modifying exercises. I really love the exercises and am so glad I started doing SS!
BTB: When did you start doing Born to Burpee? Favorite part?
KI: I started doing BTB in September 2014. My favorite part has been meeting all of the other moms and how much fun my kids have playing with all of the other kids and doing Team Liz. It’s also really neat to see how much more aware they are of exercising since we’ve started going to SS and I love seeing them try their own “exercises” at home when they’re playing.




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