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#MMHM: Be Kind. Always. Cute Clothes For A Great Cause.

I love finding cute and comfy workout clothes, especially when the proceeds go to a great cause. Be Kind. Always. Simple, yet such a powerful statement. The D.O.P.E. Foundation was started by siblings Tim and Jessica Griffin after their brother Stephen recently lost his life to depression at the age of 19. Tim and I went to school together, so this foundation and Stephen’s story hits a little closer to home for me personally. I love their idea “Dare to […]

#MMHM: The Art Of Slowing Down

Lately I stop and hear myself speaking to my children, saying things such as, “hurry up” “let’s go” and “we are going to be late.” Honestly, I sit back and hate the fact that I have become someone that utters those phrases, I am not a rusher and have never been. I always arrived late and really was not phased by it. My lateness was never out of ignorance, rather because I was taking my time, enjoying a moment or […]

#MMHM: Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

This weekend was really busy for me and included a lot of eating and drinking…today I am feeling it and need a reboot! This morning I went to a 6 am yoga class and followed up with this detox water. Definitely a good way to start a Monday, this is one of my favorite detox waters and helps me feel better after a weekend like the one I just had ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ Jenn Apple Cinnamon Detox Water *adapted from […]

#MMHM: Winter Boredom Busters for Kids

We are bored, what should we do?? Sound like your house today?? If not, lucky you!! For me, day 3 of playing in the snow tends to be the one where everyone is over the outdoors, but bored inside. After a winter storm, there is only so much outdoor snow fort building, snowball wars and sledding that can go on before you start to hear the “I’m bored” phrase over and over again. Today, my kid’s started the “we are […]

#MMHM: Sick Day Soup

There are a lot of things that I love about Winter, I actually don’t mind the colder weather, snow and the early darkness. For me, the winter season has always been a time of slowing things down a bit. Fall & Spring tend to be busy with school, sports and activities, but for my family, winter is a little calmer. We spend more time indoors as a family and I love to cook warm comfort foods. The one thing I […]

#MMHM: Help keep the stomach bug away with grape juice!

Last winter I noticed a few different stomach bug “cures” floating around Pinterest and did not really pay much attention to them, until my whole family was hit with the bug. In a 3 day period, all 6 of us had an awful stomach bug. Even with all of the disinfecting, hand washing and laundry that I did, it was inevitable that we all got it. Fast forward to this past week, out of nowhere my 2 year old Maeve […]

#MMHM: Post Thanksgiving Detox!!

  Good Morning & Happy Monday! We hope that everyone enjoyed a nice long Thanksgiving weekend. Did your weekend extend more than you were expecting full of holiday food & drinks?? If so, check out this Post Holiday Detox plan. Detox is not about drinking a liquid diet, rather it is about getting rid of unwanted toxins and using the right foods and drinks to do so. I try to personally follow an 80%/20% clean eating diet. Although, I don’t […]

#MMHM: Making your life easier: Menu Planning

    I was in a food rut a few months ago. This became especially apparent when my 10 year old turned to me and said, “Mom, why are you only cooking the same 3 things all the time, dinner is so boring, it used to be fun.” ย Time for a change!! It is no secret that I love cooking, although the task of feeding a family of 6 and coming up with different ideas all the time was getting […]

#MMHM: Embracing Your Age

MMHM: Embracing your Age As women, it seems as though from an early age the notion that youth equals beauty is what society accepts. Youth is often defined as the โ€œbest years of your life.โ€ With that being said, I do not think that at 32 I am โ€œoldโ€ although I am not a young single 20-something either, yet I am the most confident and happiest that I have ever been. I love being in my thirties. I personally think […]

#MMHM: A Good Fall Cocktail

It is almost October and finally starting to feel like Fall. Personally I am ready for Fall clothes, pumpkins, hayrides and apple picking! I also like to have a good Fall cocktail recipe on hand that I can serve for adult Fall parties ๐Ÿ™‚ This Pinterest inspired drink is called the Rosy Cooler and sounds delicious. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ Jenn Ingredients 2 medium strawberries, quartered 2 basil leaves, cut into thin strips 2 lime slices ยฝ oz. simple syrup 1 oz. […]