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Fitness Friday: Focus on: Reflecting On Yourself This Holiday Season

Black Friday: a holiday in itself for many. I am all about a great deal, although today, take a minute to pause and reflect. What does the holiday season really mean to you? Today as you are going about your day, whatever that may entail, whether it is shopping all day, finding time for yourself or spending the day with family, take a moment to really think about the meaning of this time of year. I think that so many […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on: Healthier Holidays

I love the holiday season, although like many other people, I tend to over indulge during the holidays. Basically from Thanksgiving to New Years I find myself eating and drinking whatever I please. I am all about everything in moderation, and have never been one to deprive myself, although I need a plan. Here are some tips for surviving the holidays and not sabotaging all of your hard work! 🙂 Jenn Healthy Holiday Tips: Make sure that you never show […]

Fitness Friday: The Importance of Clean Eating

It was probably about 2 years ago when I decided that I was going to really revamp my diet and become more aware of what I was actually eating, I started to really read ingredients and it made a huge difference in how I eat and prepare food for my family.  Since then, I can honestly say that I feel so much better and when I have my cheat moments, which I of course do, I definitely feel sluggish and […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on: A Healthier You!

When people generally talk about being healthier, the focus is usually on eating and exercise. While that is important, it is also necessary to focus on yourself as a whole person and what makes you generally feel good and healthy. I have seen a lot of these types of lists floating around Pinterest lately, but this one is my favorite, 50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have.  I think it captures the concept perfectly, focusing on not only having good […]

Fitness Friday: Focus On Pre and Post Workout Snacks

We all know how great you feel after a good workout. Although, it is important to remember to properly fill your body with the right nutrients and drink choices, especially before and after a workout. Here are a few of our favorite pre and post workout food choices. Don’t forget to hydrate with water!   Happy Friday 🙂 Jenn Best Pre-Workout Foods (eat 30-60 minutes prior) Kind or LaraBar Whole wheat toast with sliced banana, nut butter and a dash […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on TRX

Why do you need TRX in your fitness regime? Well, besides the fact that it is an AMAZING workout and a lot of fun, it truly engages your entire core. TRX was designed by a NAVY Seal and is a full body resistance exercise that uses your own body weight and gravity. It helps build strength, flexibility, and balance, not to mention it tones your whole body. Looking to try this? Check out the TRX classes at Focus Fitness Main […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on a Healthier Holiday Weekend!

Like everyone else, I love the 4th of July! I love the BBQs, long weekend plans, drinks, snacks, fireworks and fun! It is so easy to fall into a long weekend eating rut, but it doesn’t have to ruin your diet! Remember, everything in moderation is key! Here are some tips to help during holiday parties: Avoid the creamy dips & chips, instead opt for veggies, hummus, fruit and shrimp cocktail. Lighten up your wine or cocktail. Make yourself a […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on Lemon Water

I have always preferred lemon water to plain water, mostly because I needed a little flavor! Although lemon water has some great health benefits when you drink it first thing in the morning. If you replace your morning coffee with warm lemon water for two weeks you will see a difference! Drinking lemon water helps your body rid of unwanted toxins, aids digestion, lose weight, & improves skin. Give it a try!!   Jenn 

Fitness Friday: Focus on Yoga

Why should we practice yoga? Yoga is a personal journey, it is free of judgement and is something that is just for you. Yoga means union, it is the best practice for your mind, body and spirit. Not to mention, yoga offers a ton of added health benefits.  It has been proven to lower stress, help those with depression & anxiety, lower blood pressure, relieve back pain, help with asthma and increase flexibility, and the list goes on! There are […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on Burpees

It is easy to have a love/hate relationship with burpees, no one wants to put their whole body down on the ground only to jump back up….and repeat. Although, our bodies love burpees, they are one of the best exercises that we can do for ourselves. Burpees train your entire body, they fight body fat, make you stronger, increase endurance & burn calories. Our bodies were born to burpee…embrace it 😉 -Jenn