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Featured Mom: #allsmilessteph March 2015

Our featured mom for March is #allsmilessteph.  Steph always has such a happy disposition and is a pleasure to have at our sessions.  Steph is always smiling while pushing through burpees or chasing after her kiddies when they are looking for trouble.  Steph pushes herself a little harder each time she attends a session, which is why her strength has improved a great deal while working out at Stroller Sessions.  We love having Steph and her kiddies as part of our group. Thanks to Steph and all the […]

Lulu’s Casita Mompreneur of the Month

   I am very honored and delighted to be named Lulu’s Casita Mompreneur of the Month for March 2015. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and read more about the programs that I offer. ~Abbie  As a mom, Abbie believes that our time is valuable and moms need to make the most out of it. The days go by so fast and sometimes we as moms getting nothing done that needs to get done, especially for ourselves.  That […]

Featured Mom: #lightninglaura February 2015

  Our featured mom for February is #lightninglaura. Laura comes to Stroller Tuesday with her youngest (James) and Fridays with both boys.  Laura is there to kick butt, she always brings her A game. When Laura runs, it’s come very natural to her and not to mention Laura is as fast as lighting #lightinglaura.  Laura is a hard core exerciser and values her limited time to squeeze in workouts, which is what keeps her coming back for more Stroller Sessions each week.  We love having Lauring […]

Featured Mom: #magicalmarykate January 2015

Our featured mom for January is #magicalmarykate. @marykate is a part-time working mom that never misses Stroller Sessions on a Friday ( and Thursdays) over the past year. She comes with her 2 daughters, works her butt off and it’s magical how she gets it all done. Thanks to @Marykate and all the other Stroller moms for showing up making our group super special. We would like to share a little about #magicalmarykate and her family with the rest of you! #momsrock#strollersessions #borntoburpee SS:Tell […]