Featured Mom: #likeablelisa April 2015


#likeablelisaOur featured mom for April is #likeablelisa.  Lisa comes to Stroller Sessions, stroller-less with her younger son who loves to zone out! Lisa is a pleasure to have around, up for whatever comes her way and a super likeable person.  We love having Lisa and her kiddies as part of our group. Thanks to Lisa and all the other Stroller moms for showing up and making our sessions special. We would like to share more about #likeablelisa and her family with the rest of you! #momsrock #strollersessions  #borntoburpee

SS: Tell us a little about you.. Kids, married years? Where are you from?
LG: I am from Broomall, and now live in Narberth.  My husband and I have been together for a million years…he was my prom date! We have been married for 11 years this month.  I have three very active boys…one is 7, 5, and 2.  I work part time as a pediatric nurse practitioner.

SS: Favorite part of being a mom
LG: So many things…seeing my kids smiling faces, getting cuddles, hearing them laugh, having my boys tell me they love me

SS: Least favorite part of being a mom
LG: My husband travels alot and trying to maintain the household while he is gone can be hard.  Trying to do all the day to day stuff like cleaning, cooking, doing laundry by myself stinks, by the end of the day I am beat!

SS: Worst Family vacation ever
LG: This is hard to answer, I love vacations and my family has had some great ones!  I guess it was one time before we had kids, my husband and I had driven down to florida in my new car to go to phillies spring training.  We were lost and at a stop light when we got rear-ended!  So we cut the vacation short and had to drive back home straight 15 hours with my new car smashed in the back!

SS: Tips/Advice for balance working and staying home
LG: Balancing work and staying home can be hard, either I have to be on my game at work or I am taking care of the household when I am home.  The one piece of advice, is to try to take time for yourself, I know that can be difficult!  Sometimes its just the little things, like reading your favorite book for 15 minutes when the kids are asleep or taking a bubble bath.

SS: Why do you exercise?
LG: To feel good about myself and  to make myself a better person. I used to not like exercising and it was hard to get motivated.  Honestly, I didnt start to regularly exercise until I started with Stroller Sessions.

SS: When did you start doing SS? Favorite part?
LG: I started going regularly this past summer. My favorite part is the flexibility of being able to exercise and still have my kid with me.  Also, I love that Abbie kicks my ass and I am sore the next day, thats when I know it was a great workout!