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Monthly Mantra with Sonya: December Edition

Meet Sonya! Sonya became certified in Primordial Sound Meditation through the training she received at the Chopra Center & through the Lifestyle Meditation Program. She truly believes that yoga & meditation can benefit everyone & would love to share this gift with you. Each month Sonya will be sharing a mantra for us all to follow as part of a special series: Meditation for Moms. Look forward to more from Sonya in the future! Enjoy 🙂 Jenn December Mantra:  “You can’t […]

#MMHM: Post Thanksgiving Detox!!

  Good Morning & Happy Monday! We hope that everyone enjoyed a nice long Thanksgiving weekend. Did your weekend extend more than you were expecting full of holiday food & drinks?? If so, check out this Post Holiday Detox plan. Detox is not about drinking a liquid diet, rather it is about getting rid of unwanted toxins and using the right foods and drinks to do so. I try to personally follow an 80%/20% clean eating diet. Although, I don’t […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on: Reflecting On Yourself This Holiday Season

Black Friday: a holiday in itself for many. I am all about a great deal, although today, take a minute to pause and reflect. What does the holiday season really mean to you? Today as you are going about your day, whatever that may entail, whether it is shopping all day, finding time for yourself or spending the day with family, take a moment to really think about the meaning of this time of year. I think that so many […]

What’s For Dinner? Heathlier Thanksgiving Recipes

I love Thanksgiving and all that it entails. The food, the gathering of friends and family, the football games & the weather all embody Thanksgiving and the warmth that it creates. While I have my favorite, once a year Thanksgiving side dishes that I don’t skimp on, I like to bring a few healthy dishes as well to create a good balance. Skinnytaste is my favorite food blog, every recipe that I have made is delicious and always a big […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on: Healthier Holidays

I love the holiday season, although like many other people, I tend to over indulge during the holidays. Basically from Thanksgiving to New Years I find myself eating and drinking whatever I please. I am all about everything in moderation, and have never been one to deprive myself, although I need a plan. Here are some tips for surviving the holidays and not sabotaging all of your hard work! 🙂 Jenn Healthy Holiday Tips: Make sure that you never show […]

Fitness Friday: Focus on Finding Your Calm

As moms, I think that everyone has that moment, when you feel like you are just going to lose it. Unless that is just me!! You know when you just have those days, when you feel like your stress level is through the roof & no one around you seems to notice?? What do you do to help calm yourself? Besides drinking wine 😉 Two things that help ensure a calmer day for me are working out in the early […]

What’s For Dinner? Butternut Squash Chicken Soup

I love Fall & the change of weather for many reasons, one of those reasons is eating soup. Soup is one of my favorite meals to eat, but like most people, I typically only cook soup when the weather is chilly. This is an easy crockpot soup that only requires about 5 minutes in the morning. It cooks all day and is really delicious & healthy. I like to serve my kids soup with some grilled cheese sandwiches for an […]

#MMHM: Making your life easier: Menu Planning

    I was in a food rut a few months ago. This became especially apparent when my 10 year old turned to me and said, “Mom, why are you only cooking the same 3 things all the time, dinner is so boring, it used to be fun.”  Time for a change!! It is no secret that I love cooking, although the task of feeding a family of 6 and coming up with different ideas all the time was getting […]